Scrapbook Paper Boxes…


OMG!!!  These are so fun to make!  You can make them in many sizes with 12×12 scrapbook paper!


Start by measuring and drawing lines on the back side of the scrapbook paper.  Here, I created a 4×4 cube box, so I drew lines at the 4″ marks.  Then fold the paper on all of the lines you have drawn.


Cut on the folds on 2 sides of the paper as shown above.


Raise the paper at the folds, and over lap the flaps that were created with the cuts.  Use a glue stick to secure the flaps.


Repeat the process on the other side of the paper.


You have now created one side of the box.  Repeat the entire process with a second piece of paper to form the entire box.  I prefer to use Cardstock for the bottom, and decorative scrapbook paper for the top.  The cardstock makes the box more stiff.


Gently put the lid onto the bottom and you have a 4×4″cube box.


Happy boxing…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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