How to make Wooden “Wands”…

Now that you have learned how to make your own version of “floating candlesticks”, it’s time to learn how to make wooden “wands”.  After this, you will be ready to host your own Harry Potter party!  OR, prepare for Halloween in March!  OR make wands JUST FOR FUN!

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Supplies needed: wooden chop sticks, hot glue gun, 2-3 shades of brown paint, and gold paint.


Step 1 is to create squiggles and lines with hot glue on the thick side of wooden chop sticks.  Be sure to make each one unique.  Let the glue cool.

Step 2 is to paint each “wand” brown.  I used 3 different shades of brown, so each wand was unique.  After the 1st coat of brown paint dries, create paint marks (using darker or lighter brown).

Step 3 add gold paint marks as highlights.  Each layer of markings makes the “wands” look like stained wood.

imgsvr (22)


Happy painting!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

How to Make “Floating Candlesticks”

In my last post, I shared Harry Potter party decorations that I created for my daughter’s birthday party.  I mentioned that I  made the “floating candlesticks”, and would share how to make them.  Here you go.


Supplies needed: wrapping paper/paper towel rolls, white paint, hot glue gun, needle and white or clear thread, batter operated tea lights, clear tape.

I started by gathering wrapping paper rolls and paper towel rolls, cutting them the sizes I wanted, and painting them white.  I stood them up on newspaper to dry.

Once the paint was dry, I created “drips” with a hot glue gun.


After the glue cooled, I painted over the “drips” with more white paint.


Notice how I used a lot of paint, and let the excess run down the roll, creating additional “drips”.


Next, I threaded a needle with white thread, pierced each side of the roll and created large loops to hang the candlesticks with.

imgsvr (28)

Once the candlesticks were hanging from a rod, I taped battery operated tea lights to the top.  Be sure to turn them on prior to taping them.

That’s it!  VERY easy to make, but the impact was HUGE!  These would make a fun decoration for Halloween also!

Happy painting!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

Harry Potter Birthday Party…

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The Harry Potter “CRAZE” hit our house, so we had no other option but to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party.  As you all know if you have been following my blog for very long, I LOVE to have parties!!!  My brain LOVES to prepare for all of the decorations and details!

I will start with the invitation that I created.  I had a blast deciding on the font!  I also included a paper “ticket” for the guests.


When the guests arrived, they got to walk through a “brick wall” that I created by hanging brick printed fabric.

imgsvr (26)

As they entered “Hogwarts” they could see the “dining room” that I created, which included banners from all of the houses.

imgsvr (36)

The table place settings were decorated with gold chargers, clear plastic plates, and personalized mugs, for butter beer, of course!  I printed Hogwarts logos and placed them between the gold chargers and clear plates.

Each place setting also had a golden snitch that I made with paper wings and Ferrero Rocher candies.

imgsvr (31)

The center piece was a “candelabra” that I made with plungers and wrapping paper rolls.  I spray painted the plungers gold and taped battery operated tea lights to the top of the wrapping paper rolls.

imgsvr (35)

I added several battery operated candles from The Dollar Tree to the table, as well.

imgsvr (32)

I got out my Halloween decorations, and created an area for “spells”.

imgsvr (21)

imgsvr (23)

There were even “eyeball” gum balls and candy “bones”!

I made flying keys with colored feathers and keys I purchased at Michaels Crafts.  I hung them above the “spell” display.

Each guest was able to choose there own unique wand.  I made these with chop sticks, glue gun & paint.  I will post a “how to make” entry separately.

imgsvr (22)

Here are the “floating candles” that I created.  I will share the “how to make them” in another blog post.  I hung them from a stretcher rod and they looked amazing when they were lit up!

imgsvr (8)

We made butter beer, and ate ice cream.  I made lightening bolt designs on the sugar cones.

imgsvr (40)

We even had a mirror, and color changing candles to increase the festivity!

The girls stayed up all night watching Harry Potter movies, and scaring each other with tales.  I’d say fun was had by all!

Happy Hogwarts!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…


Peter Pan Party Centerpieces


Oh, to never grow up!

My daughter is currently performing in Peter Pan at her school.  This is quite a production!  There are 14 shows, with several of them being dinner & lunch shows.  To keep things festive, another mom & I created these DARLING lantern centerpieces to display on the tables.

We started with plain white lanterns, adding gold bows & gold stars.  We attached black vinyl silhouettes of Peter Pan on the glass.  Inside the lantern, we put a battery operated tea light and green tulle.  When the lights were off during the show, these lanterns left a hint of light in the room, which appeared to be Tinkerbell trapped in the lanterns.  SO ADORABLE!!!

The lanterns were placed on boxes covered with gold paper.  On each side of the box was a black vinyl letter “quote” from Peter Pan.  To finish the look, we sprinkled fine gold glitter on the box and table cloth immediately surrounding the centerpieces.  The total effect was AMAZING!


Of course, the play was amazing as well!

Happy Decorating!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

Unicorn Birthday Party…

imgsvr (20)

I remember as a young girl falling in love with unicorns and rainbows!  I loved all of the pastel colors, and of course the glitter that was associated with them.  That being said, when my younger daughter wanted to have a unicorn themed birthday party, I was    ALL IN!!!  My mind immediately started whirling with ideas for the decorations!

I started with table decor, and found these adorable plates, napkins, & center pieces at Party City.  The gold square chargers have glitter specks and were a perfect addition.

I made “tails” out of streamers, and tied them to the backs of the chairs.  Of course, the birthday girl got a larger “tail” that included a tulle bow.

Using the same color streamers, I added a little more color with streamers hanging from a beam in the party room.

imgsvr (8)

I found some fun and unique “unicorn names” on Pinterest, so I printed them for the girls to declare their personal “unicorn name”.

I was SOOOOO excited when I found these ceramic unicorns at TJ Maxx.  The pink one is a bank and the white one is a planter.  They were a perfect addition.

At the party entrance, I created a cloud that appeared to be raining.  I used white tissue paper and two iridescent doorway hanging decorations.

imgsvr (18)

Another MUST for a fun party is a photo backdrop.  I created this one with iridescent doorway hanging decorations, then added streamers.  On top, I hung tissue paper flower balls, and the final touch was a sign that read “I believe in unicorns” that I purchased at Party City.  I placed two balloon bouquets on the floor for added color.  During the photo booth pictures, I dumped large trash bags full of blown up balloons on the girls.  They had a blast playing with the balloons.  This created MANY fun photo opportunities!

We played a few games: pin the horn on the unicorn, and a ring toss onto the horn of a unicorn.

A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without dessert!  My daughter wanted an ice cream cake, so I make two unicorn ice cream cakes.  I used a frosting and gold sugar covered ice cream cone as the horn and thin blonde Oreos that I cut into triangles for the ears.


When I created the invitations, I found glitter gold unicorn silhouettes online that I printed.  I used the same silhouettes on the party favor gift tags and unicorn name lists.  I included a fun quote that said, “In a world of horses, be a unicorn”.

I had just as much fun planning this party as the girls had attending it!

imgsvr (20)

Happy birthday party planning!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

A GIANT Bean Stalk…

imgsvr (43)

My daughter’s class was reading “Jack and the Bean Stalk”.  As they were reading the book, they were also learning about seed germination.  They started growing their own plants as projects.  These projects, and the process each child completed, were then displayed on poster boards and available for “show” to the parents at open house.

Since this project stemmed from the book, the teacher asked me to create a GIANT BEAN STALK in her room, also to be on display during open house.  OF COURSE, I said YES!!!  Then I began the task of creating the bean stalk in my head.  OH WHAT FUN it is to be a parent at times like this!!!

I started with long strips of green paper.  I measured the distance from the ceiling to the shelf where the bean stalk would rest, and added a few feet.  I used the paper on rolls that all schools have on hand.  I twisted the long strips of paper to create “cords”.  I then twisted the “cords” together and this became the base, or trunk.  I stapled the “cords” in several places so they would stay in together.  I attached the top of the trunk to a rod in the window sill using  large paper clips and binder clips.  The binder clips attached to the top of the trunk, then I looped the paper clips through the metal loop on the binder clip.  The paper clip was then looped over the rod in the window sill.  I taped the trunk to the window in a few places on the backside of the trunk, for stability.

Next, I twisted in more “cords”, but I allowed these to have BIG loops and gaps, so they were loose around the trunk.  I stapled these “cords” where they intersected the trunk.


The next step was creating leaves for the bean stalk.  I used 3 different colors of green construction paper, and cut out a simple leaf shape.  I added lines with a black Sharpie for leaf “definition”.  Then I stapled the leaves all over the trunk.  I added numerous leaves to the top to hide the mounting in the window sill.

Using the rolled green paper, I created “bean pods”, and drew circles with black Sharpie.  I strategically stapled the pods onto the trunk.

This project only took about 2 hours from start to finish, but the impact was HUGE!!!  The kids LOVED their bean stalk and several other teachers at the school commented on it, as well.

imgsvr (43)

Have fun creating your GIANT bean stalk.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to climb it!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

Emoji Birthday Party Fun!

Well, I don’t know about your kids, but my kids have TOTALLY gotten into the Emoji rage!  They have had the MOST FUN with the Poop Emoji!!!  At first, I was totally grossed out by the thought of it, but I have gotten used to it now, and I even have had some fun with it.  When my daughter wanted to have an Emoji themed birthday party, I was ALL IN!


Of course, I just HAD to wrap her gifts to match the theme of the party!  This was such an easy task to accomplish.  Bright yellow wrapping paper from The Dollar Tree, Goggly Eyes, black and red Sharpies and TAAA DAAA…it’s an Emoji!

The cupcakes were no exception!  I think I had the most fun with these!  Yellow frosting, black and red gel, candy eyes and TAAA DAAA…more Emojis!

We had the party at Boomers, so I wasn’t able to get too crazy with my decorations.  I made centerpieces for the tables with glass bowls, emoji plastic cups filled with green flower foam, topped with yellow basket filler, and some cute Emoji pics, all of which I found at The 99cent Store.  What a bargain!  Notice, I even included the Poop Emoji in a centerpiece!

Fun was had by all at the party and it was a “smily face” good time!  Until next time…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…