Harry Potter Birthday Party…

imgsvr (36)

The Harry Potter “CRAZE” hit our house, so we had no other option but to have a Harry Potter themed birthday party.  As you all know if you have been following my blog for very long, I LOVE to have parties!!!  My brain LOVES to prepare for all of the decorations and details!

I will start with the invitation that I created.  I had a blast deciding on the font!  I also included a paper “ticket” for the guests.


When the guests arrived, they got to walk through a “brick wall” that I created by hanging brick printed fabric.

imgsvr (26)

As they entered “Hogwarts” they could see the “dining room” that I created, which included banners from all of the houses.

imgsvr (36)

The table place settings were decorated with gold chargers, clear plastic plates, and personalized mugs, for butter beer, of course!  I printed Hogwarts logos and placed them between the gold chargers and clear plates.

Each place setting also had a golden snitch that I made with paper wings and Ferrero Rocher candies.

imgsvr (31)

The center piece was a “candelabra” that I made with plungers and wrapping paper rolls.  I spray painted the plungers gold and taped battery operated tea lights to the top of the wrapping paper rolls.

imgsvr (35)

I added several battery operated candles from The Dollar Tree to the table, as well.

imgsvr (32)

I got out my Halloween decorations, and created an area for “spells”.

imgsvr (21)

imgsvr (23)

There were even “eyeball” gum balls and candy “bones”!

I made flying keys with colored feathers and keys I purchased at Michaels Crafts.  I hung them above the “spell” display.

Each guest was able to choose there own unique wand.  I made these with chop sticks, glue gun & paint.  I will post a “how to make” entry separately.

imgsvr (22)

Here are the “floating candles” that I created.  I will share the “how to make them” in another blog post.  I hung them from a stretcher rod and they looked amazing when they were lit up!

imgsvr (8)

We made butter beer, and ate ice cream.  I made lightening bolt designs on the sugar cones.

imgsvr (40)

We even had a mirror, and color changing candles to increase the festivity!

The girls stayed up all night watching Harry Potter movies, and scaring each other with tales.  I’d say fun was had by all!

Happy Hogwarts!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…


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