Emoji Birthday Party Fun!

Well, I don’t know about your kids, but my kids have TOTALLY gotten into the Emoji rage!  They have had the MOST FUN with the Poop Emoji!!!  At first, I was totally grossed out by the thought of it, but I have gotten used to it now, and I even have had some fun with it.  When my daughter wanted to have an Emoji themed birthday party, I was ALL IN!


Of course, I just HAD to wrap her gifts to match the theme of the party!  This was such an easy task to accomplish.  Bright yellow wrapping paper from The Dollar Tree, Goggly Eyes, black and red Sharpies and TAAA DAAA…it’s an Emoji!

The cupcakes were no exception!  I think I had the most fun with these!  Yellow frosting, black and red gel, candy eyes and TAAA DAAA…more Emojis!

We had the party at Boomers, so I wasn’t able to get too crazy with my decorations.  I made centerpieces for the tables with glass bowls, emoji plastic cups filled with green flower foam, topped with yellow basket filler, and some cute Emoji pics, all of which I found at The 99cent Store.  What a bargain!  Notice, I even included the Poop Emoji in a centerpiece!

Fun was had by all at the party and it was a “smily face” good time!  Until next time…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…


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