Rice Krispie ball “Lollipops”…


I love to make fun tasty treats that are creatively displayed.  I made Rice Krispie treats and formed them into balls, added a skewer, wrapped them in a clear plastic bag, tied a ribbon to create a “Lollipop”.

Start by making Rice Krispie treats by following the recipe on the cereal box.  After the ingredients have been melted and stirred, form the treats into balls instead of placing in a pan.  Be sure to grease your hands with a non stick spray, such as Pam.  Once the balls are formed,  roll the balls in a bowl filled with different sprinkles.  Don’t let the balls sit for too long before rolling them in the sprinkles, or the sprinkles won’t stick to the marshmellows.  Place the balls on parchment paper to set.  Next, use a bbq wood skewer and pierce the point into the ball.  Place the ball into a clear plastic bag and tie a ribbon.


Place the skewer into a styrofoam cube (I get these at the Dollar Tree), and you have a Rice Krispie “Lollypop”.  If you want to display several at a time, purchase a flat rectangle of styrofoam (I get these at Michaels) and pierce the skewers into it.  Believe it or not, the Lollipops will stand up and not tip over.


Happy Lollipops…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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