How to swirl paint on glass jars…


I LOVE using jars to create fun gifts for people.  Here, I swirled paint on the outside of used jars and filled them with candy for teacher gifts.  You can use any combination of colors to create festive jars!


Start with Tempera paint, foam brushes and disposable plastic containers.  Pour each paint color into a separate container.


Cover the jar with the first color.  Preferably start with the lighter color.  You don’t need to paint on the color neatly.  It looks better if it is messy.


Choose the next color you want to swirl in.  Lightly add in the second color and swirl the brush.  Again, messy is better.  Try not to create a pattern of swirls.


Be sure to paint the bottom of the jar also.


Place the jars upside down to dry.  The paint will dry matte.  If you want a shiny finish, spray with a clear gloss spray paint.  Once the paint has dried, fill the jars with treats, and give them to your favorite friend or teacher (BTW Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5th).

Happy Swirling…

“Wonder What I Will Come Up With Next”…

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