Simple lighted sign…


Since I am darn near “MRS. CLAUS”, it is only fitting that I have my own lighted sign in our front yard.  These signs are so easy & simple to make, you will ALL want your own!


Start with a piece of plywood.  Draw on the wood what you would like the sign to say.  Be sure to space things evenly and make the letters the same size.  Use a drill to drill holes over where you have drawn the letters.  Leave enough space between holes so the holes don’t connect.  Use a drill bit size that will accommodate the size of Christmas lights.  After the holes are drilled, paint the wood with a dark color.  You don’t need to paint it perfectly.  Spray paint will work just fine.  Once the paint has dried, take a string of Christmas lights and push the lights through the holes.  Plug it in and you have your very own lighted sign.


Happy lighting…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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