Marbled & swirled paint ball ornaments…


These marbleized paint ornaments are so beautiful, and are so easy to make!  You can make them as gifts for all of your family and friends!

Start with clear glass ball ornaments (I usually purchase mine at Michaels or Joanns), paint (I have used either craft paint or tempera paint).  Remove the top hanger from the balls.  Squirt paint into the glass ball.  Be sure to rotate the ball and stop and start squirting paint as you rotate the ball in your hand.  Squirt in as many colors as you want, but DON’T put in too much paint.  Pay attention to how much paint you have inside the ball as you are moving it around to cover the entire inside.  Once the entire inside of the ball is covered with paint, turn the ball upside down onto a small plastic cup.


Leave the ball upside down in the cup for a few days to allow all of the excess paint to drain out.  Then turn the ball right side up and allow the paint to finish drying.  I like to use the trays the balls come in for this drying process.


Once the paint is dry, put the top hanger back on the ball.  Be careful not to bend the metal.  Then hang the ball on the tree, or wrap it as a gift.


Happy painting…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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