Simple, but unique ways to decorate the bottom of your trees…

I like using traditional tree skirts on several of my Christmas trees, BUT, having 11 trees in my house, I feel the need to create fun “tree bottoms”!


I used brown hand towels to create “sand” on my “under the ocean” tree.  I then placed star fish, sea shells, and a lobster on top of the towels to complete the “Ocean” themed tree.


Both of these trees are covered in mesh, so I continued the mesh at the bottom of the trees.  I added areas of ornaments on the mesh for the pink tree.


This is the simplest tree bottom of all!!!  I bunched up white cotton felt under the tree, then placed 4 LARGE bling ornaments on the felt,


Here I used white cotton felt bunched at the bottom and topped it with beaded garland strands.


A traditional gold tree skirt covered with bunched up mesh, topped with gold strands of beads.


A traditional tree skirt topped with bunched up mesh.

All of these things make the tree look so beautiful from top to bottom, before you put your gifts under the tree!  AND, OF COURSE, you want to make your gifts just as beautiful and coordinate the wrappings with the tree they are placed under!

Happy tree decorating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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