Holiday Gift Spreadsheet. It’s time to start shopping!!!

November is here and it’s time to get SERIOUS about holiday shopping!

How many of you are saying to yourself…”This girl is CRAZY!  It’s ONLY the 1st of November!”  Well, yes, I am crazy, but crazy can be a GOOD thing!  I have attached a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of the gifts I need to buy and the gifts I have already purchased.  If you start NOW…you will enjoy the holiday season SOOOOOOOO much more!!!  I usually start my holiday shopping in August or September.  This allows me to spend less money per month on gifts, spreading the cost out.  I rarely use credit cards to purchase gifts, so I am not left with the post holiday bills to pay.  Starting early also takes the stress off of the buying process.  I aim to be finished shopping by Thanksgiving.  I usually don’t make that goal, but I am usually darn close.  I am not usually out shopping during the craziest weeks in December.  AND…if I am out shopping, it is because I WANT to be shopping, not because I HAVE to be shopping.

On the spreadsheet, there is a column for “Who” the gift recipient is, “Budget” amount, “Spent” amount, and “Gifts”.  In the “Gifts” area, I use the space for gift ideas, and what I have purchased.  I color code the lettering depending on where in the buying process I am.  For instance, “black” letters are for ideas, “blue” letters are for purchased items, and “red” letters are for gifts I have already distributed.  This allows you to keep a very close watch on all of your gift movement.

I dare you to try it “my way” and hope you have a VERY MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!  I ALWAYS DO!!

Happy Shopping…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

holiday shopping list

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