Parisian Bakery Birthday Party…

If you saw my last post, it was the invitations for this birthday party.  Fancy, fancy, and more fancy.


As you entered, I had a display with a couple of items of interest, including the “daily specials”.  Since I didn’t have a bodice, I used a floor lamp as a “bodice” to hang a dress from.

003 005


In order to create a true Parisian Bakery environment, I prepared numerous Parisian type desserts and displayed them.


Everything from chocolate mousse (pudding) to parfaits


I made Nicoise and wrapped them with Eiffel Tower ribbon.  I even had Macarons!


To display the cupcakes, I filled apothecary jars with silk flowers and placed clear glass plates on top.



I made high heeled shoe cupcakes also and decorated them with an Eiffel Tower charm on top, which was part of the party favor.


The table decor was simple…pink, white, & black tulle loosely braided down the center with Eiffel Tower statues in white & black.


I posted a similar picture to this back in June.  I made another one for my daughter and displayed it was part of the fancy decor during the party.


I purchased an Eiffel Tower backdrop at Oriental Trading and used it as a photo booth.  The girls had so much fun with the props, including a white board for them to write the reasons they love Paris!  The girls topped off the party with a French lesson!  Magnifique!

Happy partying…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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