Framed Initial Art…


A few weeks ago, I posted a similar idea using scrapbook paper as the background.  Here, I glued fabric to a cut piece of mat board and created a fantastic piece of art for a friend who LOVES all things Paris!


Start by painting a wood block letter.  You can either use spray paint, or brush on the paint.


Cut the fabric approx 2 inches larger than the piece of mat board on each side.  Spread Tacky glue on the mat board and carefully place the fabric on the glued side.  Be sure to center your fabric design and make sure that it is not sideways.  Smooth the fabric with your hands to ensure there are not any wrinkles in the fabric.  Do not use a quick dry glue…it makes it very difficult to maneuver the fabric once it touches the glue.


Turn the piece over and fold up the sides.  Glue the folded sides.  Make sure they are pulled snug.  After all 4 sides are glued, I added packaging tape to ensure the edges of the fabric would adhere to the mat board.


Remove the backing and glass from the frame.  Place the mat board into the frame, and close off the back.


Glue the painted letter in the center of your mat board.  I used E6000 glue for this.  Let dry, wrap, and give to a friend!  This is a very easy way to personalize a gift for someone special!

Happy framing…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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