Glass Bead Magnets…


These are so easy to make!!!  It is even a fun craft to do with your children.  This is also another great gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.


Start with large glass beads.  I purchased these at The Dollar Tree.  They come in a mesh bag.  Be sure to get the beads that are approximately 1.5″ in diameter.


I have used numerous different scrapbook papers for these magnets.  I also use sticky back magnets.  I purchased these sheets at an office supply store.  They are meant to be used with a business card, to make it a magnet.


Place a glass bead over the area that you want to show.  Trace around the bead and cut it out.


Put a dollop of glue on the decorative part of the paper.  I used Elmers Glue.


Press the glass bead down on the glue.  Be sure to wipe off the excess glue.


Cut the magnets into squares.  Turn the glass bead face down and stick the magnet square onto the back of the scrapbook paper.  Let the magnets dry.


You have now created fun bead magnets!

Happy creating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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