Luau Birthday Party Decor…


When I host a party, I GO BIG!!!  I have a ridiculous amount of fun planning and decorating for a party.  It is like a drug for me!!!  My husband gets into the fun also.  For our daughters LUAU birthday party, he parked his jeep in our front yard and decorated it with surf boards, boogie board, beach chairs, buckets, umbrella, tiki torches, and more.  This is the first thing that the guests saw as they arrived to the party.  Talk about a grand entrance!!!


As the guests arrived, they were greeted with raffia table skirts hanging from the ceiling with colorful lanterns and palm trees, as well as flowers.  All guests received a grass skirt, lei, and flower clip as they entered the “Tiki Hut”.




On the table, I scattered hibiscus flowers and shells.  I also added table top tiki torches.



The food table had buckets filled with clean cat litter and bright spiral candle sticks.  I also scattered hibiscus flowers.

To keep with the theme, we had Hawaiian King rolls with lunchmeat and cheese.  I made fruit skewers and stuck them into half of a watermelon.  I made smoothies for the kids and my husband made blue Hawaiian drinks for the adults.


I created a photo booth area in front of the fireplace.  The kids had props and sunglasses they could put on for the pictures.  they had a blast posing for the pictures!


I stacked coconut cups on the mantle and hung beads from a mirror for added decor.




As the guests departed, they received a goody bag filled with treats, including a gift card to Jamba Juice and a fish straw.  I created name tags by cutting out hibiscus flowers from scrapbook paper and glued them onto yellow tags.  I then stapled the tags to the bags.  Very festive!

As Hawaiian music played in the background, the guests ate, played and had fun.

Happy birthday planning…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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