Luau Birthday Party cupcakes…


If you saw my previous post on Luau Birthday Party Invitations, then you know how I created these fun Hula Girls!  To turn them into picks for cupcakes, simply tape a bamboo skewer, cut in half,  to the back of the Hula Girl.


So simple and so festive!!!


Of course, the birthday girl needed candles!  In an effort to not light a Hula Girl on fire, I refrained from putting a Hula Girl on the cupcake with candles.  Instead, I added flamingo, palm tree, and pineapple candles that I found at the 99cent store.


I used store bought frosting, green candy rocks, green sprinkles, and edible flowers to decorate the cupcake before adding the Hula Girl pick.

Happy eating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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