Glass jar lanterns

As I have stated before, I love using glass jars for many things.  I store ribbon in them, wrap them in tissue paper, and make hanging tealight lanterns with them.  The beautiful thing about glass jars is that they are free!  Simply save the food jars you have emptied.  You will be amazed how many you can save from the recycle bin, and all of the fun things you can do with them!


For this hanging lantern, you will need a jar (of course), zip ties, wire (I used 20 gauge from Joann’s), ribbon, glue, round tip pliers, and a tealight.


Start by cutting 2 pieces of wire the length you want your handle to be, with extra for the curl (approximately 12″).  Loop the wire at the top with the round pliers.  Form an arch with the wire and secure it to the jar with the zip tie.


Use the round pliers to curl the ends of the wire that are hanging below the zip tie.  This will not only add cuteness, it will also prevent the wire from slipping under the zip tie.



Cut the extra part of the zip tie.  Measure the circumference of the jar and cut the ribbon accordingly.  Be sure to leave extra for overlap.  Glue the ribbon around the jar using Tacky glue.


Cut a piece of a coordinating ribbon and fold over twice to create a bow.  Glue the ends and center.


Glue the bow to the lantern and add a rhinestone.


Add the tealight, and your lantern is ready to be hung, or given as a gift.


Happy jarring…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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