“FROZEN” birthday party


My daughter wanted a “FROZEN” themed birthday party.  I had a BLAST coming up with fun creative decorations!

042 046

I bought glass beads at Dollar Tree and put them in square vases, topped with silver & blue beaded balls & picks that looked like ice from Hobby Lobby.  I placed the vases on top of glass blocks, which acted as risers.


I printed on white cardstock pictures of Elsa & Anna from the internet & glued them back to back with a glow stick in between.


I ran iridescent cellophane down the center of the table, with purple & blue glow sticks underneath.  Different shades of blue & white foam snowflakes were placed on top of the cellophane.  I combined blue, purple, and white Sixlets candy balls in clear sandwich baggies, tied with silver curling ribbon, and scattered them with the snowflakes.

047  074

I made “Olaf” snowmen sticks, which I featured in a previous post on this blog.  I covered each stick with a clear plastic bag and stuck them in styrofoam cubes & flat pieces for decor.  These also were used as part of the party favors.


Party favor bags in varying shades of blue & white with “FROZEN” stickers, and snowflake name tags.

043 051

The snacks were carrots, Cheetos, cheese puffs, pretzels, and string cheese cut into cubes.  These were indicative of Olaf’s noses, ice blocks, and Sphen”s antlers.  The kids drank blue & purple Gatorade.

072 071

The cupcakes were blue & purple swirl.  I mixed food coloring into the cake batter.  I topped the cupcakes with vanilla frosting and a variety of candies to make them look like ice.  Candies included cut sour blue licorice, Sixlets, small blue & white pearls, rock candy topping, and blue & purple sprinkles.


It was a “FROZEN” fantastic time!

Happy birthday party planning…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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