Using curtains to make pillows…

Have you ever wanted to have a pillow in a certain fabric, but couldn’t find exactly what you were wanting?  This happens to me ALL the time!  I then solve the problem by making my own pillow, bed skirt, etc.  Here, I used fun zebra print curtains to make pillows for my craft room.


I started with pillow forms, curtains, ribbon & a bead strip.


I took the plastic embellishments that look like “teeth” off of the curtains to use on a pillow.


I sewed the square & stuffed it with the form.  I then added a row of strung beads, covered it with pink grogain ribbon (the same ribbon that is used as the curtain tie backs) and hand sewed on the “teeth”.


On this pillow I created a non traditional bow with the same pink ribbon and added a buckle with bling.


This tube pillow was so simple to create!  Once the fabric form was sewed, I inserted the form and closed the ends with a pink ribbon bow.


I got exactly what I wanted AND they were so fun to make!

Happy sewing…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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