Pack, Wrap, Ship…

Now that I have made my stance on pretty bows on packages, you may be asking yourself, “What does she do with a present she is shipping?”  Obviously, a pretty bow would get smashed during transport.  I take a little different approach on these types of packages.  I still don’t use a gift bag, though.  Ha-Ha-Ha.  In all seriousness, I DO use gift bags on occasion, but it is rare.  So getting back to a shipped package, I treat this package more like a scrapbook page.  I use ribbon and stickers to decorate the top of the package.

The present is still impressive even without a bow.  Now you are ready to cover the package in “brown packaging paper”, which comes in a roll like wrapping paper.  I frequently purchase this at the Dollar Tree.  Be sure to tape with packaging tape.  Address and ship.  Your recipient will be pleased with your presentation!

Happy shipping…

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