Just say "NO" to gift bags…

Ok, so I know that gift bags are easy to use.  Just throw your gift in, add a few pieces of tissue paper and you are done.  Yes, I get it!  BUT, is the presentation the same as when you wrap a gift and put a pretty bow on top?  Absolutely not!  Yes, you will need a few more items, but it is worth the time.  AND, gift bags aren’t cheap, unless you only get them at the Dollar Tree or 99 cent store.  Today I will show you a simple package using curling ribbon, solid wrapping paper (which I have become a BIG fan of), and stickers.  Quick, simple, and something to be proud of handing to your recipient.

Decide what colors you want to use based on the stickers you have chosen.  For this birthday boy, I chose to have a carnival theme package.  I used curling ribbon in the colors on the stickers.

Be generous with the amount of ribbon you use.  After you have curled it with an open pair of scissors, bunch it in your hand.  Prior to this step, be sure to have a piece of ribbon already tied onto your package.

Tie your handful of ribbon onto the package.  Curl the tie pieces.

Run your fingers through the ribbon and cut any “loops” that are in your bunch.  As you cut the loops, be sure to mix the colors around.

Now apply the stickers…

Ok, so maybe it took 10 minutes to assemble versus 2 minutes with a gift bag, but it is worth the extra 8 minutes.  Wrapping like this makes your recipient feel extra special.  As a side note, I never put a card on top of the gift unless it compliments the decoration.  Tape the card on the bottom.

Happy wrapping…

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