Unique tree toppers…

I don’t know about you, but I still like using a traditional tree topper…for a couple of my trees.  BUT, I have 11 trees decorated in my house, so a little diversity is so fun!


This tree has been named “SUGAR RUSH”!  It is filled with all sorts of sweet things, ie candy canes, ice cream cones, donuts, cupcakes, cakes, gingerbread houses, lollipops, etc.  It is the favorite tree of many friends!


This tree is red, white, & silver, with stars & snowflakes.  A simple star and some bling top this tree.


A traditional Santa tree topper with a few sprigs of cream & gold top this tree.  The rest of the tree is filled with lights and mesh…That’s all!


A mauve bow tops my burgandy, mauve, silver & gold sugared fruits tree.


A large flower with sprigs of beads top my blue & platinum tree.


Seaweed & green kelp looking things top my “under the ocean” tree that is in my kids “under the ocean” themed bathroom.


3 large purple and green flowers and purple bead sprigs top my purple and lime green tree.


Hot pink balls and green/hot pink sticks top my shoe & purse tree.

So you see, decorating Christmas trees can be so much fun!  I still cannot decide which tree is my favorite!

Happy decorating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

Fun and Festive SIMPLE Wreaths…

Who said decorating a wreath had to be complicated?  You can create very SIMPLE wreaths with some unique touches!


Add a large shatter proof ornament with a simple bow.  Hang the bow onto the wreath hanger.  DONE!  SIMPLE AND FESTIVE!!


Group several shatter proof balls together with wire and attach to the wreath, just under the bow.  SIMPLE AND FANCY!!!


Use an extra fancy wreath hanger, and add a hanging angel, or whatever you choose.  SIMPLE AND SWEET!!


Hang a sign from the wreath hanger and add a bow to the bottom of the wreath.  SIMPLE AND CUTE!


Let your kids hang a wreath on their bedroom doors and decorate it with non breakable ornaments.  Let their creative juices flow!  PRICELESS AND ADORABLE!!!

Happy decorating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

Storing strands of Christmas lights…

January 6th, 2014

So, I finally gave in and started “de-Christmasing” my house…what a project!  As I was putting away my lights, I thought, “I wonder how many people just throw their lights in a bin and detangle them next year.”  A helpful tip to make next years decorating easier…put each strand of lights in a plastic bag.  I use the very inexpensive twist tie top gallon bags you can buy at any grocery store.  I don’t even close the top.  Just shove the strand in the bag and put it in a bin to store.  What a breeze when I start decorating this year!  AND…you can easily see how many strands of lights you have.  Happy de-decorating…

WHAT!?!?! I’m starting a blog!?!?!?

Cheers!  It’s January 2nd, 2014 and I have decided to start a blog about creativity and crafting.  OMG!  Am I really going to take this on?  Yes, I am!  I’m convinced this is the next chapter in my life.  I’m wasting my talents by not sharing them, so here I go…

Who else is still on a “Holiday High”?  I am!  I don’t want to take down my Christmas decorations yet because I will miss all of the pretty white lights that light up my house and scream…Christmas is here!  The trees are looking bare underneath as the gifts are delivered, not to mention the tree skirts are disheveled from our frisky fur ball.  But still, I hold out, until who knows when.  I won’t lie…it is a daunting thought…the idea of the after Christmas “take down”.  Who’s crazy idea was it to put up 11 trees, all decorated in beautiful theme décor, any way?  Oh wait…THAT WAS ME!  Yep, I’m the “Crazy Christmas Lady” and my house during the holidays is known as “Weezy’s Winter Wonderland”.  Man I love the holidays!  I look forward to them every year!  I never complain about all of the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the gifts, the wrapping, the parties, etc.  If you are feeling “bah humbug” all you need to do is enter my house and you will be instantly in the spirit.  How do I survive, and TRULY enjoy the holidays?  It’s in my blood!  I was born this way!  But there is a method to my madness.  First of all, I start thinking about the holidays in August.  I start shopping in September and try to be finished by Thanksgiving.  I take at least a week of vacation after Thanksgiving to decorate and wrap gifts.  Then, I get to sit back and play “Santa” for the rest of the month.  It really is that simple!  For those of you that start your shopping on December 20th…STOP!  LOOK!  LISTEN!  For those of you that max out your credit cards in a frantic frenzy to get all of your gifts purchased…STOP!  LOOK!  LISTEN!  For those of you that dread December like the plague…STOP!  LOOK!  LISTEN!  It doesn’t have to be that way.  It really is possible to look forward to and enjoy the holidays.  It might take some practice, organizing, and patience on your part, but it is possible to change your ways.  Hey, maybe that can be a New Year’s Resolution.  It is January 2nd, afterall…