Fun and Festive SIMPLE Wreaths…

Who said decorating a wreath had to be complicated?  You can create very SIMPLE wreaths with some unique touches!


Add a large shatter proof ornament with a simple bow.  Hang the bow onto the wreath hanger.  DONE!  SIMPLE AND FESTIVE!!


Group several shatter proof balls together with wire and attach to the wreath, just under the bow.  SIMPLE AND FANCY!!!


Use an extra fancy wreath hanger, and add a hanging angel, or whatever you choose.  SIMPLE AND SWEET!!


Hang a sign from the wreath hanger and add a bow to the bottom of the wreath.  SIMPLE AND CUTE!


Let your kids hang a wreath on their bedroom doors and decorate it with non breakable ornaments.  Let their creative juices flow!  PRICELESS AND ADORABLE!!!

Happy decorating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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