Lip Notes…

Do you, or a loved one travel often?  Show them how much you miss them with “Lip Notes”.

How many of you use lipstick?  Of those, how many “blot” after applying?  You can create “Lip Notes” as you blot.  It’s that simple!

Supplies needed are: Sticky notes, Lipstick, and, of course, your lips.


I create “Lip Notes” every time I apply lipstick.  I collect them in my bathroom cabinet so I am armed and ready each time I travel somewhere without my family.


Right before leaving on a trip, I secretly hide my “Lip Notes” all over the house for my family to find.  I started doing this when my kids were little so they would know I was thinking about them and sending them kisses while I am away.  I even put notes in their suitcases when they are going on a trip without me.

Some of my favorite places to hide them are: on the mirror, on their pillows, by their toothbrushes, on the coffee pot, in their lunch boxes, in a clothes drawer, and in their shoes.  Feel free to be creative with your hiding places!

It doesn’t take long to accomplish, but the end result for your family is ever lasting!

Happy Blotting!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…


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