Toilet Paper Roll “Crackers”


These are SO darling!  I have made several versions of these over the years.  I thought I would share how easy they are to create, yet how cute they are.


I used both decorated tissue paper, solid tissue paper, and paper doilies that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Be sure to cut the solid tissue paper wider that the decorative one, so that it will stick out on the ends.

Once the paper is cut, place the decorative paper so that it creates an edge, see picture 1.  Then flip the paper over.  Fill the toilet paper roll with fun stuff!  I have filled them with candy, rings, bracelets, pens, stickers, etc.  Place the toilet paper roll in the center from left to right, and at the far side of the paper, not near the edge you created.


Carefully roll up the toilet paper roll and tape it at the edge.  Next, roll the toilet paper roll over to the front and tie off the ends with curling ribbon.

Then feel free to add extra decor.  I used stickers to spell out the recipients names.

These make fun gifts for kids, and are an easy craft for kids to make.

Happy rolling!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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