Mehndi Party Decorations

In my last post, I showed you how to make a festive invitation for a Mehndi party.  Here, I will show you all of the fun decorations that I created for the party.

I started with a color scheme of orange/yellow, turquoise, green, and salmon.  I purchased colored mason jars at Joann, which saved me tons of time in painting jars!  I used gold puffy paint and decorated the outside of the jars to create lanterns.  I placed lanterns on gold chargers and added groups of bangle bracelets tied with colorful ribbons.  Signs on the tables let guests know to wear the bangle bracelets.

Under the gold chargers and jar lanterns was fabulous rosette fabric.  We had bar top tables with white tablecloths, topped with the rosettes.  I used plastic table cloths cut in strips to tie the bottom of the white table cloths.  I also used these strips to create tassel banners.



Every Mehndi party needs a gold beaded curtain for extra bling!  I hung these at the entrance to the party, and draped fabric with the beads to create an amazing entrance.  I also hung 3 lanterns in the center.



On the food table, I draped fabric and overlapped it on boxes to create height.  We had Indian food in trays on the table.


With some extra rosette fabric I had, I covered a box and tied it with the plastic table cloth strips to create a riser for desserts.

The party would not have been complete without henna and bindi dots!

Happy party planning!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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