How to Create an AMAZING Gift Basket

Have you ever wondered how people create the most amazing gift baskets?  They look professional, yet were done by an amateur.  I will show you how simple the process is and then you can create AMAZING gift baskets too!


Start with a basket and a magazine that you no longer want.  You don’t want to use newspaper because the ink will rub off onto your hands.  Wad up magazine pages until you fill the majority of the basket.  This will become your base.


Next, you will place the items in the basket, on top of the wadded up magazine.  Place taller items in the back.  Stagger the items so you can visually see each of them.

Now you will put in the basket filler.  Only put it where you can see the wadded up magazine.  Push the filler down into the basket and slightly under the items.  This will save you from using more filler than you need.

I have found that using celophane bags is so much easier than using celophane rolls.  I usually purchase bags at the Dollar Tree.  You can get a set of 2 for…you guessed it…$1.00!  Place your basket in the celophane bag.  Be sure to center in at the bottom.  Pull up on the bag tightly until all of the slack is gone.  Use a twist tie or a piece of thin ribbon  to tie a knot at the top.  Tie on your gift tag and you are ready to attach an amazing bow!


Congratulations!  You can now make amazing gift baskets!  Have fun!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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