Decor ideas for a 50th anniversary party…


50 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment!  After a Google inquiry, I learned that only 6% of marriages last 50 years!  We recently celebrated my In-Laws 50th wedding anniversary by hosting an afternoon open house gathering.  I created a festive environment filled with framed pictures from their wedding.  I purchased the frames at The Dollar Tree!!!


I used glass blocks as risers and white tulle to fancy up the “shrine” of pictures on the counter.  I used their original wedding book for guests to sign in and framed a poem about “A Golden Anniversary” that was found in my Grandmother’s poem book.


I placed green tulle down the center of the tables, with vases full of fresh flowers.


Using boxes that I covered with a white table cloth, I created risers on the food table.  I covered the lifted area with silver tulle, and put a vase full of flowers and pictures on top.


Lastly, I hung white tissue paper balls over the dessert counter.  Simple, yet elegant.


I hope you get the chance to celebrate a loved ones 50th wedding anniversary!  Be sure to impress upon them how special the accomplishment is!!!

Happy celebrating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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