Easy, personalized, aprons…


I created some aprons as gifts.  I started with a pre-made apron purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I added an iron on initial and a fun bow with a buckle.  A very easy gift that ANYONE can create!


This is a darling iron on initial that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Follow the iron on instructions on the package.


To create the buckle bow, start by threading the ribbon through the bar, as shown above.


Next, loop the ribbon back under the bar on both sides, as shown above.  At this point, you can either make stitches to keep the ribbon in place, or use a quick drying fabric glue.


Turn the bow over, and add a rhinestone embellishment, as shown above.


This will make a fun gift for all little girls that like to help their Mommy’s in the kitchen!

Happy creating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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