“Grave Yard” cupcakes…


Who doesn’t LOVE a festive cupcake?!?!  I made these cupcakes for my kids classes.  They are sure to be a hit on Halloween!


Start by writing “RIP” on the smooth side of the orange slice candies with black decorating gel.  Let the gel dry over night.


Bake the cupcakes and frost them with chocolate frosting.  Place the orange slice candy on the cupcake and add the sprinkles so that it looks like dirt from a fresh grave.  Add bones & skull candies on top of the dirt sprinkles.


To make the “Grave Yard” cupcake platter, start with a large lid from a box.  Cover the lid with aluminum foil.  Make the back side of the foil taller.  This will keep the glitter, etc from the backdrop trees from dropping onto the cupcakes.


I bought the tree branch picks at the 99cent store.  I taped them to the side & bottom of the lid.


I added a strand of black mesh around the outside of the lid and tied it in a knot in front.


Add the cupcakes to the lid and you are ready to display your “Grave Yard”.


Happy Halloween…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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