Cabin kitchen countertop

This is cabin decor post number 3!  If you viewed my post on our cabin dining room table and liked it, you will LOVE these countertops.  They were created the same way as the table.  Start with plain 12″ pieces of wood.  Glue them together using wood glue.  Cut the edges with curves to create a natural look.  Cut up the edges and stain them dark to look like bark.  Being that this is a kitchen countertop, it needs to be protected from water.  We coated it with “bar top” a 2 part epoxy.  It created a beautiful shiny finish that is water proof.  It is not heat resistant, though, so be sure to use thick trivets, or don’t place hot items directly on the counter.

094 095

The slate stones were purchased at Lowe’s and adhered to the wall with thinset.

AHHHH, the fresh mountain air.  It is so much more than fresh when you can relax at a beautiful “lodge”.

Happy designing…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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