Cabin Bathroom Decor…

My husband and I purchased and remodeled a cabin in the mountains.  It has been SO MUCH FUN!!!  We wanted a “lodge” feel.  Here is our completed bathroom.


We made a cabinet to hide the stacked washer & dryer.  It is made from old fence boards.  We also used fence boards on the walls and as trim around the window.  We paired the fence boards with “knotty hickory” cabinets purchase at Lowes.



Fence board frame around the mirror and a box to hold toilet paper are nice coordinating touches.


The countertop was created using mexican rocks from Home Depot.  They were placed with gray thinset, then “bar top” 2 part epoxy poured in to create a “rocks in the river” look.


The shower walls were created using the same rocks as the countertop.  They were placed with gray thinset, then gray grout piped in between each rock.  Cement sealer was brushed onto the rocks for a continuous wet look.

We love our little home in the mountains.  I hope you can have a retreat like ours someday.

Happy decorating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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