Ribbon pony tail holders…

My daughters are quite “FANCY” girls!  They LOVE big flowers & bows in their hair.  I created these fun ribbon pony tail holders for them & their friends.


Start by purchasing 4-8 coordinating ribbons.  I used 8 different patterns per pony tail holder, with a total of 32 cuts of ribbon each.   You will also need rubber band pony tail holders.  I bought inexpensive ones at the Dollar Tree.


Cut the coordinating ribbons, each approximately 6 inches.  Be sure to cut the ends at an angle for a more finished look.


Lay the ribbon out in a pattern.  Be sure to vary the colors.  Start tying each piece of ribbon onto the pony tail holder in the order you created.  Work your way around the entire rubber band.


A fun & fancy hair piece for all of the “FANCY” girls in your life.


Happy coordinating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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