Letter pictures turned into names & words…

A few years ago, I started something that has been a TON of fun!  I take pictures of things that look like letters.  I then create peoples names and words, and frame them.  These make the BEST gifts!!!  I always take the pictures vertically, print them in black & white, and frame them in black frames with white mat.


This one says “SMILE”.  I made it for my daughters Orthodontist!



This one says “PAMPER”.  I gave it to my massage therapist.  She always tells me how much she loves pampering her customers.



I made this one for my daughters assistant teacher “MICHELLE”.

Start with black frames that are in varying lengths.  I buy most of my frames at Aaron Brothers, especially when they have a buy one get one for 1 cent sale!  You will also need white mat board.  I buy 24×36 pieces at Michaels crafts.  Don’t worry about the mat board that comes with the frame because you won’t be using it.




Trace the size you need the mat board to be and cut it out.  Scissors work just fine…you don’t need a special mat board cutter for this project.


Next, space out the letters on the mat board and adhere them with photo safe double sided tape.  Then put the mat board in the frame and close up the back.  It is as simple as that!  Once you start looking for letters in every day life, you will be amazed how often you see them!  Always have a camera with you!  I have made many of these and people always LOVE them!  They make the BEST personalized gifts!  Great for Father’s Day or end of the year teacher gifts.



My daughter’s teacher “CHERYL”

Happy letter finding…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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