Wood & burlap picture frames

While I was visiting my favorite “Southern Girls” in Dallas, I documented my friend making this incredibly darling picture frame and I wanted to share it with you!



The supplies needed are: wood, paint, burlap, upholstery tacs, clothes pin, flower and glue.


Start by painting the wood and cutting the burlap the appropriate size.  I learned a valuable technique on how to easily cut burlap.  Measure the size, then grab the end of a string where you want the cut to go.  Do this on 2 sides.  It will leave a line gap in the burlap and you will know where to cut.  AMAZING and easy!


Place the burlap on the wood and nail in the upholstery tacs.  You may want to cover the tacs as you hammer them.


Nail all 4 corners.  Be sure to smooth out the burlap as you go so that it lays flat.


Spray paint the clothes pin and glue it to the wood.  Add a sweet picture and a flower, and your picture frame is complete!


You can use different flowers to change the look.


This can also be used as a fun decoration piece…


Happy creating…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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