Scrapbook pockets

Well, it’s been  while since I have posted anything.  How many of you have a love/hate relationship with your computers?  I DO!!!  I love it when it working properly, but hate it when it is not.  That being said, I am back up and running with creativity!  Several years ago, I decided I needed pockets to store the important things for my daughter, but be able to include them in her scrapbook photo albums.  I created pockets from scrapbook paper that slip into the clear paper covers in a scrabpook.

009 010 011

I made these pockets for each month of the year.  I printed a calendar for the cooresponding month so I could easily write down major events of the month.  You know how “Mommy mush brain” happens!?!  I never thought I would forget any milestones for my daughters, yet I have forgotten many!

012 013

I wrapped and glued paper around the sides and bottom to create the pocket.  I used month theme paper that was appropriate for the month.  I cut out parts of the decorated paper and glued it in strategic places to create a fun pocket.  Then, I glued pictures of my daughter from the month onto the pocket.

Happy scrapbooking…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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