How to “Bling” plastic cup lids…

I have become a HUGE fan of insulated cups.  They are great because they keep your drink cold, AND they don’t sweat and make a big puddle.  I found insulated cups in numerous colors at both The Dollar Tree & The 99cent store.  I thought, WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA!!!  I filled my cart with cups and went bead shopping.


The cups are extremely easy to “bling”.  The supplies you need are: cups (of course), beads, rhinestones, E6000 glue, & disposable paint brushes.  Make sure to get differing sizes of beads, including small “seed” beads.  The “seed” beads fill in the tiny spaces nicely.


Start by putting some glue on the lid of the cup.  Use only enough to cover about 1/3 of the lid.  The glue is thick, so use a paint brush to gently spread it around.  Be sure to cover the entire area you are working in.  Start adhering the beads by placing them in the glue.  Use large and medium size beads first.  Fill in the spaces with “seed” beads.


Work your way around until the entire lid is covered.  Let dry for several days.  The glue smell is strong, so you may want to keep the cups in the garage or outside while they are drying.


What an awesome and easy gift to create!  Your recipients will absolutely LOVE them!  The E6000 glue is water proof.  Some of my friends have even put their cups in the dishwasher, but I would recommend hand washing them.


Happy beading…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…


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