Coordinating wrapping for multiple packages

When I have multiple gifts to give to the same person, I like to coordinate the wrapping, but not make them identical.  This keeps it interesting and makes a gorgeous presentation before the gifts are opened.


Start with the first packages.  Here I chose to use both tulle & curling ribbon and different colors of paper.


Make the tulle bow using multiple colors (see my post “Tulle”tally awesome bows for tulle bow how to).


Once the tulle is tied onto the package, curl the curling ribbon and tie it on top of the tulle.


Fluff & separate the tulle.  Add stickers, if desired.


Package #2 has tulle in the colors of the first packages wrapping paper, with white paper.


Package #3 is similar to package #1, but only 1 layer.


In this situation, I chose to use a gift bag, even though I am not a big fan of them.  The gift was an odd shape and larger than any boxes that I had.  I used tissue paper in the same colors of the wrapping paper and made a fluffy tulle bow to tie on top.


Quite a presentation when it is all put together.  Gorgeous coordinating!

Happy wrapping…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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