BIG fluffy wire ribbon bows

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wire ribbon!!!  It is so versatile and easy to use.  One of my favorite bows to make is a BIG fluffy, loopy bow.


I chose colorful wrapping paper with a solid bright pink.  Wrap the gifts and stack them.  Be sure to tape the underside of the packages with double sided tape so they stay in place.


The patterned paper has green, orange & yellow, but I chose to use the green ribbon.  Start with a loop, then another loop on the other side.  Be sure your loops are the same size or the bow will look lopsided.


Continue to loop the ribbon back and forth.  Since this ribbon is the same on both sides, there is no need to twist the ribbon.  Keep looping until there are numerous loops in your hand.  The final loop will be positioned in your hand to create a circle.  This is where the bow is tied onto the package.


See the circle now that the bow is tied onto the package.


Start with the center loop and use your fingers to open and separate each loop.  Pull the loops to each side and the middle as you separate each of them.


Don’t forget to finish the bow by cutting the edge of the ribbon.


The gift is now ready to be given.  A very impressive bow that will make the recipient feel special.


Happy looping…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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