How to chocolate dip pretzel rods

Who loves the combination of salty & sweet?  I certainly do!  One of my favorite things to make are chocolate dipped pretzel rods.  I love giving them as gifts as much as I love eating them!  They are so quick & easy to make and people of all ages love them!


I start with a cutting board covered in parchment paper.  I melt the chocolate per the instructions on the bag.  Be careful not to over microwave the chocolate or it will get hard.


I slide the chocolate to the edge of the bowl and twist the rod in it multiple times.  Then shake off the excess and place on the parchment paper.


I typically dip 5-6 rods, then add sprinkles before dipping more.  If you wait too long, the sprinkles won’t stick as well.


Let the pretzels dry, approximately 1 hour.

You will know they are ready when you lift them off the paper, gently pulling to unstick them, and there is no chocolate residue on the paper.


Once the pretzels are ready, you can place them on a platter, or wrap individual bags for gifts.  OF COURSE, you can eat them also! YUM!


Happy dipping…

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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