Valentine’s Day card ideas…

Valentine’s Day is a day about love, not just between couples, but between family also.  Grandparents, especially, love getting handmade personal cards from their Grandkids.  What a better way to document your kids love & growth then by making cards with their hand & feet prints.  I like to use a purple stamp pad, safe for kids, and make numerous hand and feet prints on white paper.  I then make color copies onto white, lavender, or pink paper.  I typically cut out the prints and place them where I want on each card.  I type a message and attach it with a glue stick.  Very simple & inexpensive to create, yet PRICELESS!!!


Notice how the hands create a heart shape in the middle, making an “I Love You” message.


A fun play on words with “2 feet of love”…


This card is folded.  The hand print on the outside is the start of “blowing a kiss”…


My girls love putting on my lipstick and kissing the paper to make this card!


The caption reads “Blowing you kisses for a Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Another thing that I have done is take multiple pictures of my girls in different positions to create “I Love You”.  The first picture is of them pointing to themselves.  The next picture is of them holding a heart.  The last picture is of them pointing to the camera.  I print all 3 pictures and glue them on a piece of paper.  It creates a fun card for loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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