Giddy Up Horse birthday party

Giddy up!  Theme birthday parties make me soooooo giddy!  I start thinking about them 2-3 months before the event!  My mind spirals OUT OF CONTROL with all of the fun & fantastic things that I want to do and how I want to decorate!!!  This was a horse theme birthday party that I had so much fun planning!

I got small plastic horses and used green & brown sprinkles on the cupcakes.  It looks like horses standing in the grass…too cute!
The food was all displayed in galvanized metal trays and buckets.  Each serving piece had a green cardstock paper label tied on with jute and read what the food items were “meant” to be.  For instance, I had pretzel sticks and potato shoe strings as “Hay”, trail mix and popcorn as “Grains”, churro flavored cereal as “Oats”, and apples, strawberries, carrots & celery in a “Trough”.
The table was set with a lime green table cloth “grass”, as well as grass scrapbook paper down the center.  I had a wood stable in the center with numerous horses lining the center of the table.  I added a few blue bandanas for color.
Horse plates, napkins and stickers at each place setting.
…and a horse tail made of yarn and blue ribbon tied on to the birthday girl’s chair.
Happy horsing around…
“Wonder what I will come up with next”…

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