Heart “felt” purse…

I made these felt purses for my favorite Southern girls…you know who you are.  Auntie Weezy is gonna do some spoilin’ when she comes to the Big D!!!  The purses are darling and were very simple to make.

I started with a piece of felt, cut it in half with a fabric cutter.  Then I pinned and sewed the 2 halves together, only on 3 sides, with a small zig zag stitch.
Punch holes in the top 2 corners of the side that is not stitched
Push the end of a super fluffy pipe cleaner through a hole and bend it together using pliers
Repeat on the other side
Cut out felt flowers.  I used a pattern to make my flowers and used different sizes.
Stack the flowers and hand sew onto the purse with a button on top.  Then glue a rhinestone to the center of the button.  I used E6000 glue, which sticks to just about everything.  I applied it with a small disposable paint brush.
Now the purses are ready to fill with treats…
Happy crafting…
I “wonder” what I will come up with next…

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